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Travel Currency Rates

Currency Buy Rate Sell Rate Sell Rate for Online
Orders over £1000
Australian Dollar1.89881.79981.8034
Bahrain Dinar0.50570.43830.4383
Barbados Dollar2.57672.35892.3636
Bulgaria Lev2.27742.09662.1008
Canadian Dollar1.75541.66361.6669
Chile Peso1,078.7902.17903.97
Colombia Peso4,941.44,117.54,125.7
Croatia Kuna8.85998.23108.2475
Czech Koruna31.10329.11529.173
Danish Kroner8.53818.08318.0993
East Caribbean Dollar3.52233.17613.1824
Fiji Dollar2.96092.43912.4440
Hong Kong Dollar9.90049.32049.3390
Hungarian Forint398.91370.72371.46
Iceland Krone181.72158.12158.43
India Rupee103.9885.39285.563
Indonesia Rupiah19,32316,88516,918
Israeli Shekel4.54894.18564.1939
Japanese Yen136.54130.26130.52
Jordan Dinar0.93030.82980.8315
Kenya Shillings137.56126.52126.77
Kuwait Dinar0.40170.36380.3645
Malaysian Ringgit5.70725.07665.0868
Mauritius Rupee51.86747.00447.098
Mexico Peso28.74226.07726.129
New Zealand Dollar2.04931.94111.9449
Norwegian Krone12.39711.63611.660
Oman Riyal0.50600.45450.4554
Peru Nuevo Sol4.73923.81093.8109
Philippine Peso69.18856.76756.881
Poland Zloty5.08354.79974.8093
Romania Leu5.70215.18355.1939
Russia Rouble92.54671.13171.131
Saudi Arabia Riyal4.80044.52594.5350
Singapore Dollar1.80061.69761.7010
South African Rand22.39521.22221.264
South Korea Won1,613.01,432.81,435.6
Sri Lanka Rupee262.69198.20198.20
Swedish Krona12.01511.28911.312
Swiss Franc1.22301.16211.1645
Taiwan Dollar40.33334.07234.140
Thai Baht40.57538.23738.313
Turkish Lire8.73958.06828.0844
UAE Dirham4.67764.44644.4553
United States Dollar1.26761.21291.2153
Vietnam Dong30,87926,88426,937


Compare Our Currency Rates

US Dollar Buy Sell
City Forex 1.267641.2153
Marks and Spencer1.36641.2039
Post Office
High St Bank1.35391.1883
EURO Buy Sell
City Forex 1.134521.0987
Marks and Spencer1.24801.0985
Post Office
High St Bank1.23971.0848
Swiss Franc Buy Sell
City Forex 1.223011.16445
Marks and Spencer1.32131.1515
Post Office
High St Bank1.31891.1367

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