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Travel Currency Rates

Currency Buy Rate Sell Rate Sell Rate for Online
Orders over £1000
Australian Dollar1.88551.74711.7506
Bahrain Dinar0.56970.49190.4919
Barbados Dollar2.88912.64742.6527
Bulgaria Lev2.40372.18092.1853
Canadian Dollar1.77631.66311.6664
Chile Peso1,067.8893.95895.74
Colombia Peso5,783.44,772.24,781.7
Croatia Kuna9.16158.49698.5139
Czech Koruna31.31928.92328.981
Danish Kroner8.95708.37848.3952
Dominican Pesos85.93372.07272.216
East Caribbean Dollar3.95093.56423.5714
Fiji Dollar3.07232.52972.5348
Hong Kong Dollar11.41710.46710.488
Hungarian Forint438.05399.26400.06
Iceland Krone189.07164.67165.00
India Rupee114.3193.71993.907
Indonesia Rupiah21,29518,62818,666
Israeli Shekel4.74734.35784.3665
Japanese Yen160.55147.76148.05
Jordan Dinar1.02960.93120.9330
Kenya Shillings157.32142.03142.32
Kuwait Dinar0.44320.39880.3996
Malaysian Ringgit6.12055.42715.4379
Mauritius Rupee59.34253.80353.911
Mexico Peso30.56626.85826.911
Mint EURO1.18861.13431.1343
Mint United States Dollar1.44201.36391.3639
New Zealand Dollar2.00061.88141.8852
Norwegian Krone12.24711.32111.344
Oman Riyal0.56760.51010.5111
Peru Nuevo Sol5.91734.75824.7582
Philippine Peso73.88060.61760.738
Poland Zloty5.52595.15805.1683
Romania Leu6.02215.46155.4724
Saudi Arabia Riyal5.47415.07315.0833
Singapore Dollar1.98081.80991.8136
South African Rand21.76019.26219.300
South Korea Won1,661.11,473.41,476.3
Swedish Krona12.27411.47511.498
Swiss Franc1.31991.23921.2416
Taiwan Dollar42.59835.64135.713
Thai Baht45.64042.29842.383
UAE Dirham5.39144.94824.9581
United States Dollar1.44621.36391.3666


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US Dollar Buy Sell
City Forex 1.446191.3666
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EURO Buy Sell
City Forex 1.196681.1365
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Swiss Franc Buy Sell
City Forex 1.319911.24163
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